Caring for Costume and Textiles Workshop

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Saturday, April 7, 2018 -

8:00am to 4:30pm

Rockwell Hall
Murphy Auditorium, Kent State University Museum


The Costume and Textile Specialists, Colleen Callahan and Newbold Richardson

Many museums, historic sites, house museums, and archives have clothing, accessories and textiles in their collections. This workshop will cover a variety of issues related to the care, preservation and exhibition of clothing and textiles. Topics to be addressed include the philosophy and mission of textile conservation, environmental concerns, light damage, insect and pest damage, and stains. The seminar speakers will cover stabilization options such as vacuuming, dry cleaning, wet cleaning and sewing, as well as packing, and when to hang, to fold, or to roll textiles for storage. Using a lecture/demonstration format with opportunities for audience participation, the speakers will discuss preparing clothing for exhibition and display, review types of materials used in mount and mannequin making, and demonstrate the use of padded hangers, foam and fiberglass mannequins, ethafoam, and fosshape for display.

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Sponsored by Christopher P. Sullivan, M.D. as part of the Jean Druesedow Endowed Fund for Costume and Textile Conservation and Preservation.


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