Knitting Beyond the Body

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When you think about today’s technological advances, knitting may not be the first activity that comes to mind. However, this ancient craft is at the forefront of exciting research and innovation across many industries including automotive, medical, architecture, interior design and, of course, fashion. The KSU School of Fashion’s KnitLAB is also part of these advances by training the next generation of researchers in what will become a new industry.

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The KSU Museum and School of Fashion are proud to join forces to explore how knitting is often at the heart of innovation today. Knitting Beyond the Body evolved from research generated in the School of Fashion’s KnitLAB which has a 10-year partnership with industry leader Stoll by Karl Meyer and serves as one of the few such studios in the country at a state university. The KnitLAB has partnered with the Kent State programs of Advanced Materials, Liquid Crystal Institute and College of Architecture and Environmental Design (CAED). KnitLAB is currently pursuing projects with the KSU College of Nursing, School of Art, School of Theater and Dance and the Design Innovation Hub. The KSU Museum is renowned internationally for its outstanding collection of historic dress, fashion, and textiles.

The exhibition will look at knit innovation through the two overall categories: clothing and shoes and knitting beyond dress in objects, structures, and research. Today, these innovations support safety, health, and comfort in many aspects of our lives. Visitors will experience iconic fashion knitwear by Missoni and Miyake, as well as the revolutionary Flyknit Nike from 2012. These designs and techniques often serve as the technical springboard for research in the fields of medicine, interior design, transportation, and architecture. The galleries will display large scale knitted environments, medical devices, lamps, chairs, skateboards, car interiors and current research that takes form as interactive objects.

The exhibition, Knitting Beyond the Body is co-curated by School of Fashion Professor Linda Ohrn-McDaniel and Sarah J. Rogers, Director of the KSU Museum. September 29, 2023 – August 2024.

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