Graduate Preceptors

We acknowledge the student-clinical experience provides valuable learning opportunities for the student in applying didactic knowledge to clinical practice under the coaching and expertise of the Preceptor. We are here to help you with the educational direction for each course and student.

You will receive an email from the faculty that is assigned to your student at the beginning of each semester. This email will include contact information, University links, course syllabi, and the Preceptor Guide to Typhon, our clinical tracking system.

We greatly value your input in student progress throughout the clinical rotation as well as in the final NP student evaluation at the end of the semester. The evaluation provides feedback to the faculty and student on the future direction for clinicals and becomes part of the student’s record, but does not decide the final grade.

Roles & Responsibilities

  • An experienced clinician interested in mentoring a student on a one-on-one basis during the semester
  • Is available to orient the student to practice and site-specific expectations
  • Observes and responds to the needs of the student while he/she is obtaining the patient’s history and performing the physical exam
  • Provides opportunities, once comfortable with the student’s skills, for the student to independently see patients, review pertinent medical records, and consult on the clinical findings and management plan
  • Reviews and independently validates all patient-related findings by the students
  • Facilitates clinical experiences that help the student achieve practicum learning objectives
  • Engages with the students by asking questions that promote critical thinking and decision-making skills
  • Communicates with Faculty at any time with concerns or questions
  • Provides the student with feedback throughout the rotation and completes a final student evaluation (electronic via Typhon)

The faculty recognizes the Preceptor as a clinical expert in his/her area of practice. The role of Graduate faculty is to support and guide the Preceptor. 

  • Assists students with clinical placement
  • Confirms student placements with preceptors and clinical sites
  • Ensures accurate data is recorded
  • Communicates with Preceptors for course objectives
  • Makes self available to preceptors and students
  • Reviews student documentation of clinical objectives, schedules, and experiences
  • Acts as liaison between Kent State University College of Nursing and Preceptor
  • Monitors progression through the semester via Typhon
  • Evaluates student’s assignments throughout the semester
  • Deploys Preceptor Student evaluations through Typhon from the College of Nursing
  • Reviews evaluations, time logs, and case logs

The students’ first priority is to review the practicum course objectives and description of the ideal clinical setting for each semester. This should be completed in the semester prior to beginning the concentration-specific courses. Students should access the College of Nursing Graduate Student Nursing (GSN) course in Blackboard for the “Practicum Information” folder. All practicum information for the student in within this folder. Students are aware that Affiliation Agreements with the facilities must be in place for their clinical experience to begin. Thereafter, the students’ clinical schedule will be set by the schedule of their Preceptor. Students must plan their schedules accordingly to achieve their practicum hours during the start and end dates of the semester.  

  • Establishes a student account in Typhon
  • Secures a Preceptor and clinical site according to the guidelines on the College of Nursing GSN Blackboard Course
  • Ensures student placement with Preceptor and Clinical Site has been onboarded and completed
  • Creates a practicum schedule with the Preceptor
  • Adds scheduled days within the Typhon scheduling system
  • Functions in a student-Advanced Practice Role within the health care setting as a team member
  • Participates in the assessment, evaluation, and management of patients and/or other functional role competencies under the supervision of the Preceptor
  • Assumes responsibility for learning and communicating with the Preceptor about clinical objectives
  • Maintains professional behavior
  • Records and maintains Time Logs and Case Logs within the 15-day window
  • Assists Preceptor in using Typhon to review Time and Case logs and complete evaluations
  • Completes course assignments
  • Completes Preceptor and Clinical Site Evaluations

Guide to Typhon

Kent State University uses the Typhon Group Healthcare Solutions clinical tracking system for maintaining a comprehensive database of students’ clinical information. As a preceptor, we ask that you use the Typhon system to record your student’s evaluation. Other components of the database are available to you; for example, the student’s schedule, case logs, and time logs.

Please contact your faculty coordinator for a copy of this guide.

Precepting Tools

Clinical Rotation Descriptions

Includes course descriptions, objectives, and ideal clinical practice site for each concentration.