College Priorities


Image of Nursing Students in Lab

The College of Public Health is focusing on the following key priorities:

  • College of Public Health Scholarships  By alleviating some of the financial barriers that our students and their families face, we help them persist to graduation and pursue professions that allow them to give back to their community.
  • Support Fund — We strive to keep graduation within reach for a student who may be forced to choose between earning their degree or dropping out of school when an extreme crisis strikes. Your support will directly impact the greatest needs of the College of Public Health, including emergency support of students.
  • Study Abroad Experiences An opportunity to study abroad enhances a student’s academic experience by offering a once-in-a-lifetime experience to see healthcare through an international lens. Some concentrations require international study and we recognize that students may need additional assistance to cover the cost associated with this type of life-changing experience.
  • Timothy Mikes College of Public Health Memorial Scholarship  Established in 2023, this scholarship provides support to full-time MPH students with preference given to students pursuing a degree in research and development of public health programs to improve the lives of others, especially those with Autism, ADHD, learning disabilities, and other mental health conditions or those with personal experiences with these conditions.
  • Graduate Student Research Expenses associated with research studies can be a barrier for students trying to complete their degrees. Your support will help fund dissertation research which includes laboratory, data and international travel costs, all of which allows for further exploration of healthcare topics/issues that directly impact our local and global communities.
  • Public Health Career Academy This summer program for high school students focuses on early engagement with public health. Participants gain an understanding of the public health profession and gain exposure to the vastness of healthcare outside of assumed medical routes. Students feel empowered to declare their major as public health right out of high school, enabling them to stay on track to graduate in four years.
  • Public Health Technology This fund focuses on bringing new technologies to students through the integration of technology and health to allow students and faculty to develop mobile applications and to provide virtual reality mental health training to our community.

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