College Priorities


College of Nursing 50th anniversary celebration photo of alumni, students, staff

In order to continue providing academically rigorous and experiential learning needed to prepare our students for the demands of the nursing profession, the College of Nursing is focusing on the following key priorities:

  • College of Nursing Capital Fund — Gifts made to support the capital needs for the College of Nursing will enhance current learning environments for our students by focusing on two priorities, the Nursing Simulation Lab and renovation of Henderson Hall. Simulation learning allows students to encounter critical, high stress scenarios in a controlled environment with high-fidelity simulation mannequins and hospital equipment. Enhancements to Henderson Hall will also improve learning environments for students and make space for additional stimulation labs and subsequent facility needs.
  • College of Nursing Scholarships – Scholarship support is often a necessity for nursing students at the undergraduate and graduate levels. Removing financial barriers allows students to focus on their academics, pursue research to contribute to the field and persist to graduation.
  • Study Abroad Experiences – For our students, global educational experiences over the summer months in Londonderry, Northern Ireland, Geneva, Switzerland and Florence, Italy allows them to earn academic credit while learning alongside international experts, expand their worldview and gain diverse perspectives on healthcare.
  • Endowed Faculty Research – We recognize the value of research to the body of healthcare literacy. It is critical to have the means that afford faculty members the opportunity to explore different areas in depth, allowing them to stay informed, contribute to advancements in the field and offer better patient care practices.

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