FLASHanthropy Members and Committees

flash●an●thro●pist  (noun)


1: a Kent State University student who raises funds and awareness of philanthropy to Kent State University student organizations, Kent State scholarships, and other initiatives that bleed blue and gold.

Like any organization, FLASHanthropy relies on planning and collaboration to operate effectively. To assure that we are continually living up to our mission of spreading the message of philanthropy, we have created four operating committees. Each committee has its own specific objectives, but all of the committees rely on each other to accomplish their goals. See below for the various committee options available to FLASHanthropy members.

  • Advancement Committee
    The Kent State Emergency Grant Fund was established in spring 2020 to provide support to students experiencing sudden, urgent, or unforeseen expenses that require immediate attention, as a result of the COVID-19 crisis. Our students, especially in this committee, participate in fundraising initiatives on campus and in the Kent community that generate gifts for the university and this fund. Members of this committee work to secure financial support from our peers. You’ll find us at any major campus event connecting with freshman to seniors.  If you can give back even while you are still in school, you should! And there are more ways to give back than supporting financially!
  • Communications Committee
    Did you know that Kent State University has over 40,000 students?! That’s a lot of students to connect with! With this is mind, you shouldn’t be surprised we’re pretty heavy users of Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and Snapchat. This committee is tasked with broadcasting our mission and message of philanthropy to the student body and greater Kent State community.
  • Stewardship Committee
    Gracias! Danke! Mahalo! Grazie!
    There are lots of ways to say thank you — so we created this committee because the best way to make things happen is with the support, collaboration and help of other people. This group makes sure that everyone we work with is acknowledged for their help. Stewardship has some very important events throughout the year such as Thank-A-Giver Day, Giving Tuesday, Thank-a-thon, and Drop-In events.
  • Campus Relations Committee
    Members of this committee are responsible for sharing the mission of Flashanthropy to the masses. This committee works to find literally any person, organization, business on campus that is willing to further the cause. You will find this group on campus, introducing ourselves and talking about what it means to be a Flashanthropist. The Outreach Committee promotes awareness of the role that philanthropy plays at Kent State and educates classmates by participating in events and visiting other student organizations