Foundation Relations

Connecting Kent State University and Foundations to Create a Better World

The Kent State University Foundation Relations team aligns the university’s research and programmatic goals with the interests of private foundations. We support faculty, colleagues and grant seekers in identifying potential foundation funding sources and guide them through the proposal process. Please contact us to discover how foundation funding opportunities can empower Kent State to make a meaningful impact together. 

Foundation Support 

We foster enduring partnerships with foundations that promote the combined interests of our academic, research and institutional objectives. These alliances facilitate innovative solutions to societal challenges, enhance the capacity of faculty research and teaching, and enable our exceptional students to achieve their academic aspirations. 

Grants Database 

Faculty and Staff Support 

Our team provides assistance to help faculty and staff at every step of the grant application process. This includes researching foundations and completing proposals. The foundation relations team assists faculty and staff in identifying potential funding sources and developing strategies for approaching funders. To begin this process, please complete the foundation relations proposal interest form. A team member will then contact you to schedule a comprehensive exploratory meeting. This process must be completed before contacting potential funders.  

The team also provides assistance with determining eligibility, writing, editing, providing support materials, creating budgets and submitting applications. 

Proposal Interest Form 

Foundation Impact 

Foundations have been partnering with Kent State University for decades to ensure students receive a world-class education. Foundation support enables our faculty to advance the boundaries of scientific understanding at our R1 designated university. Foundations have also been investing in a wide variety of programs at Kent State, including those that ensure first-generation students and students with financial need succeed and graduate. The university is very grateful for these foundation partnerships. 

Funding Opportunities 

The grants database is a valuable resource to discover funding opportunities for grants that exceed $50,000. The database is searchable based on research area, amount and deadline. This database is updated regularly for grants that are available one to three months before the deadline.   

Grants Database 

Grant Application Guide

When preparing funding requests, it is essential to make a compelling case that addresses the funder's priorities. To increase your chances of success, please review the grant guidelines carefully and respond to the information requested in the correct order.  

What Funders Want: 

While different foundations may prefer proposals to be organized and presented in different ways, they all require certain criteria, including:  

  • What is the project goal? 

  • Why is the project important? 

  • Who will benefit from the project? 

  • What specific activities will be involved in the project?  

  • Who will be responsible for carrying out these activities and how will they be accomplished? 

  • What are the project’s expected outcomes and impact? 

  • Why is your team/department best suited to undertake this work? 

  • How will you measure the project’s success? 

  • What is the project’s total cost and how much funding is being requested? 

  • Are there other funding options being considered or already in place for your project?

Additionally, some funders may want an explanation about plans for sustaining the project once their grant award has been spent, including the names and grant amounts of other funders who may be involved. 

Grant Application Guide 

How Foundation Relations Can Help

The Kent State University Foundation Relations team places great importance on building strong partnerships across our university system. Our team is dedicated to helping faculty and staff identify potential foundation funding sources for their research, programs and projects, as well as working together to develop strategies for approaching funders. We believe that through effective communication and engagement, we can provide better support to our university partners in producing high-quality proposals. 

To begin this process, please complete the Proposal Interest Form in its entirety. Once this form has been submitted, a Foundation Relations team member will contact you to schedule an appointment.  

Proposal Interest Form 

Budget Preparation Resources 

Budgets can vary from a straightforward statement of a project's total cost to a highly detailed spreadsheet, depending on the project and the funder's specifications. Some funders offer budget templates that specify the format and information they require. This is customary for research proposals that may include itemized budgets and a rationale for how the funds will be used. However, other corporate and foundation funders allow grant writers to determine the budget format at their discretion. At least 10 business days are required for budget creation. 

Please contact the foundation relations team with questions or for information not provided here. 

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