Impact of Giving

Each and every gift to Kent State University has an impact, no matter the size.

At Kent State University, 1,100 donor-funded scholarships are awarded each year (as of April 2018).

Donors choose exactly where they want their contributions to go; these donations can enhance buildings, equipment or any aspect of the university’s operations. Where donations normally have the biggest impact, however, is on the lives of students and their families.

A recent scholarship recipient who moved in with her grandparents after her parents passed away expressed this impact best.

"This scholarship has taken so much stress off my grandparents and me. I will strive to represent my donor everyday by being the best student I can be."

But it is not just the students who are impacted by donations. Giving also has an equally profound impact on donors themselves.

As one Kent State donor said, “If an opportunity arises to make a donation, seize the moment. Be generous, as the joy it brings to others and to you is well worth the investment.”



Together, we can impact lives: our own, and others. To read more about the positive impact that giving has on Kent State, our students and donors themselves, visit our Impact Stories section.