Impact Profile, Diana R., ’22

Diana, ’22, always wanted to be a teacher, and for her, Kent State University at Geauga was the perfect fit.

“Kent State’s excellent reputation and proximity to my home made the decision to attend Kent State an easy choice for me,” she said. “I’m pursuing a Bachelor of Science in middle school education with a focus on English and history, along with a minor in psychology. After graduation, I plan on teaching at a lower-income school so that I may help children in need.”

Diana was well on her way to realizing her lifelong dream of becoming an educator and making an impact on countless students’ lives.

But, at the beginning of April, Diana became very ill as a result of the COVID-19 virus.

She couldn't continue her full-time job. With her savings account drained, she was unable to pay her bills and unsure of how she would continue her education.

“I heard about the Emergency Grant Fund through emails and on Kent State’s website,” Diana said, “and I decided to ask for help.”

When she found out she would be receiving assistance from the fund, she was overwhelmed with relief and gratitude. Diana is still recovering from her illness and has been out of work for months now. For Diana, the grant not only provided financial support, but it also demonstrated what “Flashes Take Care of Flashes” really means.

“It means we help each other out,” Diana said. “Whether it’s assistance with schoolwork, food in someone’s cupboard, a ride to school, a supportive text message, a listening ear or financial aid – anything that’s needed. You should and need to be there for someone, always with kindness.”

Diana also had an important message for anyone considering a gift to the Emergency Grant Fund.

“If sharing my story encourages other people to help students, I am so happy to do it,” Diana said.

“If you are considering donating to this fund, know that because of you, a student in need would receive help right now.”

“This kind of help often makes the difference for someone who has to decide if they’re going to eat that day, buy gas to get to work or pay the internet bill so they can do their schoolwork.”

Thanks to the Kent State Emergency Grant Fund and the support of many, students like Diana can continue to pursue their dreams, obtain their degrees and make a lasting, positive impact on the regions in which they live. Together, we are helping these students make their lives and our world forever brighter.

To help more students like Diana, visit the website and make a secure online gift to the Kent State Emergency Grant Fund.

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