A Family of Flashes Gives Back

For the Damron family, one significant family tradition began at Kent State University.

Dr. Geneva M. Damron and Dr. O. Rex Damron’s generosity helps give students’ dreams a fair chance to come true.

Some family traditions have to do with holidays or seasons. Some have to do with annual vacations or birthdays. But for the Damron family, one significant family tradition began at Kent State University in 1968 – becoming a Golden Flash.

The Damron family has eight degrees from Kent State: three Bachelor’s degrees, two Masters degrees and three Doctorate degrees. The tradition began with Dr. Geneva M. Damron, who earned her Bachelor’s degree in 1968, her Master’s degree in 1972 and her Doctorate degree in 1984, and with Dr. O. Rex Damron, who earned his Doctorate degree in 1980. The tradition was then carried on by their children. Their first son, Dr. Derek S. Damron, earned a Bachelor’s degree, a Master’s degree and a Doctorate degree from Kent State, while son Kevin Kyle Damron earned his Bachelor of Business Administration degree from Kent State.

This tradition is one of the reasons Geneva and Rex give back so generously to Kent State, and their gifts reflect what they are passionate about.

Geneva has a passion for fashion and promoting the Fashion School, and designates her donations to those areas. Rex recognizes students’ need for financial aid and as such directs his gifts to that area.

“It is well documented that many students drop out and never achieve their dream of a college education because they lack financial aid,” Rex said. “Our scholarships provide many of these students a fair chance for those dreams to come true.”

In addition, Rex and Geneva recently created The North East Ohio Community Education Foundation. The foundation’s board of directors, assembled by Rex and Geneva, is comprised of individuals committed to funding scholarship opportunities for diverse students with financial need. The foundation has already provided more than $15,000 to the Fashion School, and has recently raised additional funds through a partnership with Collection Auto Group that will be presented to the school in September 2014.

The Damrons not only help nurture dreams financially; they also give of themselves in other ways as well. Geneva has served as president of the Kent State University National Alumni Board, The University Women, The Chestnut Society and the Friends of Fashion. Rex, an Emeritus Professor at Kent State, has served on various athletic boards and has received several national recognitions for his academic accomplishments.

As giving always does, the Damron’s generosity not only benefits the recipients, but the Damrons themselves.

“If an opportunity arises to make a donation, seize the moment,” Geneva said. “Be generous, as the joy it brings to others and to you is well worth the investment.”

Each and every gift to Kent State University has an impact, no matter the size. Together, we can impact lives: our own, and others. To find out more, please visit www.GiveToKent.org." 

UPDATED: Thursday, June 20, 2024 09:12 PM
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