Kent State University expresses gratitude to supporters in a monumental way

"Feeling gratitude and not expressing it is like wrapping a present and not giving it." - William Arthur Ward

Roe Green and students during TAG DayStudents, faculty, staff and other members of the Kent State University community show their gratitude to the university’s generous supporters in many ways. Always seeking new ways to make that gratitude more visible, the departments of Annual Giving and Donor Services partnered with FLASHanthropy, a student organization, to provide a communal way for everyone to express their gratitude.

On October 1, 2014, Kent State hosted its first annual Thank-A-Giver (T.A.G.) Day. Each year, T.A.G. Day will serve as a way to acknowledge and thank the many generous alumni, faculty, staff, students and parents who provide crucial support for the university and its students. (Watch a short video from the event.)

To showcase the many ways support impacts every student’s education – from scholarships and grants to buildings, programs and equipment – 1,000 large tags were scattered throughout the Risman Plaza area and on nearby buildings. Each tag pointed out a fact about donor impact on Kent State, such as:

  • Did you know Kent State was founded as a charitable gift? The donation of the 53-acre William S. Kent family farm started the university.
  • Kent State has more than 540 scholarship funds and awards 800+ scholarships per year.
  • Our men’s and women’s golf teams have one of the best training and learning facilities in the nation all thanks to generous donors.
  • Have you strolled down the University Esplanade? Enjoyed the Student Green? Studied in the “Fab Fourth” student lounge? Every time the campus gets a facelift, Thank A Giver!

Students were able to convey their appreciation to the university’s supporters by signing a giant thank you card, and having their pictures taken with the university’s mascot, Flash. The event also included refreshments and raffles for students, faculty and staff; one of the student prizes included lunch with Kent State President, Beverly Warren.

In addition, Kent State faculty and staff donors received custom T.A.G. Day lanyards and were encouraged to wear them proudly to identify them as supporters of the university. This permitted students and other attendees to identify them as donors and thank them personally.

“T.A.G. Day is a great way for students like me to properly thank our donors, whose generosity contributes to keeping the university running every day,” said senior FLASHanthropist and Integrated Mathematics major, Andrew Cappuzzello. “Our generation is trying to make philanthropy and paying it forward a priority. T.A.G. Day is one more way for us to get our message of goodwill out and to say thank you.” Flash with Flashanthropy student

Albert Melfo, Kent State's director of annual giving, added "Private support from donors has a profound impact on the lives of Kent State's students and faculty, and the quality of our academic and athletic programs. It's terrific to see our students come together like this is a fun, informal way just to say thank you and acknowledge the people who make such a difference in the lives of so many others."


POSTED: Tuesday, October 14, 2014 04:19 PM
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