Mac & Carol McFarland and Lauren Marcelonis

Lellan "Mac" McFarland '80 EMBA, and his wife of 52 years, Carol, have greatly enjoyed the relationship they have with their student scholarship recipient, Lauren Marcelonis, a senior in managerial marketing.

The McFarlands created their gift in 2003 for students enrolled in the College of Business. The renewable scholarship has enabled them to enjoy a sustained relationship with Lauren for almost three years. "We think of her as part of the family," Mac and Carol said recently, proudly noting that Lauren maintains a 3.8 GPA and is an excellent student.

Retired from careers in manufacturing and teaching, respectively, Mac and Carol stay in contact with Lauren and get together often for lunch or dinner. Lauren has an internship with a Fairlawn corporation, A. Schulman, and will begin a part-time job there in the fall.

The McFarlands admit that having such an outstanding student initially has raised the bar for their future scholarship recipients. But they're very pleased to be able to help others pursue a college education, which is a high priority for the couple.

The feeling is mutual -- Lauren knows that their financial aid has made a huge impact on her education. "They are such amazing people," she says, "And I'm so grateful for everything they have done for me."

POSTED: Wednesday, August 1, 2012 11:43 AM
UPDATED: Thursday, December 08, 2022 11:06 AM
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