Mindy and Gary Aleman – A Lifetime of Giving

Mindy and Gary with grandson, Archer Gary

Mindy Aleman spent more than 22 years in philanthropy at Kent State, with the latter portion of that time leading Kent’s Center for Gift and Estate Planning. Her dedication in facilitating countless gifts from donors profoundly impacted the lives of our students while fulfilling the philanthropic goals of donors. But Mindy’s dedication to Kent State goes beyond facilitating gifts; she and her husband, Gary, are establishing an endowed baseball scholarship at Kent State through their estate plan. They also contribute each year to this baseball endowment as well as other areas including the College of the Arts and the LGBTQ+ Center.

“Giving back and being of service to the community is something I got from my parents,” Gary said. “They gave me the insight to give back using my time and skills. Mindy and I want to leave a legacy of giving; something our two Kent State alumni sons will do, and hopefully pass it on to their two sons and families.”

“We appreciate the opportunity to leave this legacy as we believe in Kent State,” Mindy added. “It’s our adoptive alma mater, and we are forever blue and gold. For us, it’s the place where we feel a sense of community. Our sons found their wives through Kent State; one of our sons, daughter-in-law and (future Flash) grandson live in and have a business in Kent. Everything good in our lives happened because of Kent State, so investing in Kent State’s mission through our estate plan feels right.”

Mindy and Gary also realize there are times when students need immediate support. When COVID-19 hit, they understood the financial challenges students would be facing in the coming months, and in response, donated to the Kent State Emergency Grant Fund.

Mindy and Gary Aleman

“It really is all about Kent State’s wonderful students,” Mindy said. “Gary and I were able to pursue our dreams. These students deserve the opportunity to pursue their dreams and need help right now to do that.”

Since she retired in the summer of 2020, Mindy and Gary have been enjoying more time with friends and family, including their first grandchild, Archer Gary, born in May to their son Hunter and daughter-in-law Megan. Their next grandchild, another boy, is due in October to son Troy and daughter-in-law Tracy. Mindy and Gary look forward to attending future Herrick Society events as members and Kent State sporting events with their grandsons, as well as remaining engaged with Kent State’s efforts to support our outstanding students.

When asked what they would share with anyone considering giving to Kent State, Mindy’s answer was simple and heartfelt.

“Kent State delivers on its promises to students and fulfills the wishes of its donors,” Mindy said. “If you’re looking for a nonprofit that does what it says it’s going to do and will help you preserve the legacy you always wanted, Kent State is a wonderful choice.”

If you would like to learn how you can support Kent State students or programs with a provision in your will, contact the Center for Gift and Estate Planning by email at giftplan@kent.edu.

POSTED: Monday, October 5, 2020 - 2:12pm
UPDATED: Monday, February 22, 2021 - 10:47am