Scholarship Recipient and Alumna Lauren Pankiw, '16, Lives A Life of Personal Philanthropy

Read about how our Students First focus is driving Lauren Pankiw, ’16, to live a life of impact.

Lauren Pankiw, '16, has solid, civic-minded goals.

“I’m going to be a physician assistant, and am currently applying to various programs for my master’s degree,” Lauren said just prior to her graduation from Kent State University in December of 2016. “My goal is to work with underserved communities.”

Lauren, who was a biology major with a minor in French, achieved her goals in part thanks to the generosity of those who donate to Kent State scholarships.

A recipient of the Kent State Pay it Flash Forward Scholarship, Lauren says she was thrilled she didn’t have to struggle or take out loans to pay for her last semester.

“I made it through four years of undergraduate work without having to take out loans,” Lauren said. “I thought I would have to for my last semester, but then I received the scholarship. It allowed me to make it through my last semester, debt-free.”

The scholarship definitely had an impact on Lauren.

“With the scholarship, I was able to go out with a bang,” she said. “I had never been more engaged in my classes, and felt like I absorbed so much since a lot of pressure had been taken off me financially; I didn't have a ‘worry cloud’ going on.”

Lauren is no stranger to giving back, so she recognizes and deeply appreciates when others do.

“I’ve been raised to give back, and I’ve tried to build a life around my passion for community service and philanthropy,” Lauren said. “I hope those who have contributed to support my scholarship know they are directly investing in someone’s future. If enough people do that, we’re all investing in our own futures as well.”

To learn more about Lauren, including her own volunteer activities, watch the videos below.

Scholarships directly impact the lives of students like Lauren every day. Read more about the impact of giving to Kent State, or Give Now to support students like Lauren through the Pay It Flash Forward scholarship.




Lauren, on receiving the Pay It Flash Forward scholarship and philanthropy in general:


Lauren, speaking about her volunteer activities in Africa: