Scholarship Supports Lifelong Bonds for Global Awareness

The Heinlein family established a scholarship specifically for students pursing an M.B.A., and strive to support students in need who will have a great impact on the global economy.

Laxman Panthi was born and raised in Nepal, and earned his undergraduate degree in India. When choosing to pursue his Masters of Business Administration (M.B.A.), however, he chose to do so in the United States, at Kent State, which he calls “the greatest school in the USA.”

“The university’s outstanding M.B.A. program was a main reason I chose to attend Kent State,” Laxman said.

The impactful generosity of others is one of the reasons Laxman’s attendance at Kent State is possible.

Laxman is the first recipient of the Dr. Albert and Dorothy Heinlein Graduate Scholarship Endowment, created by Dr. Albert Heinlein and his children, Karen Fuller ’73, and Douglas Heinlein ’80. They established the scholarship specifically for students pursuing an M.B.A., in tribute to Dr. Heinlein’s longtime teaching career in the College of Business Administration (COBA), and his late wife Dorothy’s work at Kent State in the area of international student programs. The Heinleins (as evidenced by the number of international graduate students who came to live with them over the years), had a special place in their hearts for international students, and they worked to support students in need who would have a great impact on the global economy. 

In early December 2016, Dr. Heinlein, Karen, and her husband, Doug Fuller ’73 held a poignant meeting with Laxman at the COBA building, where 31 years before, Dr. Heinlein occupied an office on the fifth floor.

Dr. Heinlein joined Kent State in 1962. Before retiring as a professor emeritus from Kent State 23 years later, his most notable achievements included developing a computer program to project the number of M.B.A. classes needed to keep pace with enrollment, which created a more efficient path for students to obtain their degree.

Putting students first, enhancing the university’s global competitiveness, increasing the enrollment of international students and providing a high-quality, global education for all students are top priorities for Kent State and key components of the university’s strategic roadmap. Laxman is a great example of the results of the university’s efforts.

“American curriculum, especially at Kent State, uses cases which bring reality and true experiences to the table,” Laxman said. “This better prepares students for their professional careers.”

And thanks to the Heinlein Scholarship, Laxman is already making an impact. As part of the Full-Time M.B.A. program, Laxman works on actual projects for Kent State business partner, Bridgestone, an international manufacturer. He is also assisting with the creation of a program that will match graduate students in the Executive M.B.A. program with an Executive M.B.A. alumnus.

Robert Hisrich, Dr. Heinlein, Laxman Panthi, Karen Fuller and Doug Fuller“Laxman is a very intelligent, hard-working M.B.A. student,” said Robert Hisrich, associate dean for Graduate and International Programs, and the Bridgestone Chair at COBA. “Receiving the Heinlein Scholarship is very meaningful.”

As an international student, Laxman represents something Dr. Heinlein always felt was vital: connecting with international students and creating lifelong bonds for global awareness.

“Having an international experience brings all kinds of cultural experiences to the forefront,” Dr. Heinlein told Laxman. “If you maintain the friendships and networks with people you meet along the way, the world will be a better place.”

(Ed. Note: Sadly, Dr. Heinlein passed away on March 8, 2017. Our condolences to his family and many friends.)


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POSTED: Tuesday, January 31, 2017 - 11:47am
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