Philanthropy and You

What does Philanthropy mean to you?

To the students, parents, alumni and faculty and staff who made gifts to support Kent State University last year, it means helping students by providing additional scholarship support.

Philanthropy means there's power in numbers. Small gifts add up! Student gifts of $5, $10 and $20, combined with larger gifts from parents, alumni and friends, have generated a total of nearly $100,000 for the Pay It Flash Forward Scholarship. Philanthropy in the form of private support is working to make your time at Kent State as valuable and productive as possible for you!

Join the new culture of philanthropy! Make your gift and become a FLASHanthropist today!

Tradition: An inherited or established action or behavior

Kent State alumni started the tradition of giving back to their alma mater. Students like you are members of the larger Kent State community. You have the power to keep the tradition of giving alive! FLASHanthropy is the first step in continuing this tradition.

Do something good for others. Do good for your school. Do good for yourself. Make a gift today and continue the tradition of giving!

Legacy: Something received from an ancestor or from the past

FLASHanthropy lets you follow in the footsteps of those who came before you. When you look around the campus and see the Kent State University Archway from the Class of 1956, or the Roe Green Center for the School of Theatre & Dance, what you're looking at are legacies created through the generosity of our alumni, former Kent State students.

Leave your legacy today! Your gift will reach farther than your wallet — it will reach out and affect the next generation of students at Kent State.

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