President's Medallion Society

The role of private support from our leadership donors is vital in realizing the university's dreams and aspirations. We only have to look at tangible examples of what has already been accomplished to know that private support is fundamental as we strive to reach new levels of excellence.

The President's Medallion Society honors those donors who have made lifetime gifts and pledges of $100,000 or more. As a member of the university's most prestigious giving society, members receive a Parking Pass for all areas of campus, invitations to special events, and a Special Services Card for the library, the bookstore, and to use as a VIP Calling Card whenever you need special assistance on campus.

A stunning membership pin announces your standing as a member of the President's Medallion Society. The three crystals at each point symbolize the time, treasure and talent you have so generously shared with the university community. The pin also represents the importance of philanthropy in the life of our great university.

Additional Benefits:

President's Medallion SocietySpecial Services Card