Impact Stories

Kent State Students Share Their COVID-19 Experiences

Nearly 6,000 students have applied for emergency assistance from Kent State. Of those, 55 percent have lost their jobs, and 38 percent of applicants have a parent who has lost their job.

Kent State students share their personal experiences with COVID-19 below. Each of them received support from the Kent State Emergency Grant Fund that helped them pay for rent, groceries, technology to finish classes and other necessities.

However, there are currently more than 1,000 students still waiting for support.

If you can, please consider making a gift to the Kent State Emergency Grant Fund today. Your gift provides immediate assistance to Kent State students who are struggling to support themselves and their families.


Meet the Students

  • Antwaun


    Relief from the Kent State Emergency Grant Fund helped Antwaun, who is studying infectious diseases, continue his studies and avoid eviction. “When I saw this emergency fund … I was really feeling the Flash love.”

  • Logan


    Logan faced financial stress due to COVID-19, in addition to emotional stress due to the passing of his father. The Kent State Emergency Grant Fund provided him with respite from both stressors. “I felt glad my university has resources to help its students, especially since, for some, Kent State is their family.”

  • Jared


    Nursing student Jared faced COVID-19-related financial hardships. The support he received from the Kent State Emergency Grant Fund shows all support is critical. “You might be donating $20, but that might be $20 someone needs for their rent or groceries.”

  • Frederick


    Frederick, an international student, faced financial struggles and could not return to his home country because of COVID-19. The support he received from the Kent State Emergency Grant Fund showed him that “…you are never alone at Kent State.”

  • Scott


    “Once I applied for the Kent State Emergency Grant Fund, I had immediate relief.” Scott, an integrated health services student, explains how a donation to the fund helps meet the financial needs of students and also helps their mental wellbeing.

  • Diana


    After a COVID-19-related illness prevented Diana from working her full-time job, she was concerned about how she would pay her bills and continue her education. Support from the Kent State Emergency Grant Fund kept her moving forward.

  • Shelbee


    Kent State nursing major Shelbee was participating in her first clinical experience when the pandemic hit, causing a serious disruption to her family’s financial stability. Learn how support from the Kent State Emergency Grant Fund helped keep this future nurse on the path to helping others.

  • Lori


    A mother of two, Lori was working to complete her nursing degree when COVID-19 left her without a job. She was worried about paying bills and was afraid she might lose her home. Filled with anxiety, she applied for help - and thankfully, she received it.