Welcome to the Division of Philanthropy and Alumni Engagement

The purpose of the Division of Philanthropy and Alumni Engagement is to promote awareness among Kent State University benefactors of the impact their contributions make to the growth and future success of the university.

Our goal is to acknowledge contributions to Kent State through conscientious management, and by nurturing lasting relationships between the university and those who support it with their time, gifts and effort.

With state support of the university providing less than 20 percent of its budget, private philanthropy is the key to ongoing growth. Your contribution during this critical time helps lay the foundation and create resources for the next 100 years of excellence in education and research. And there are many ways to provide support, whether through a tax-deductible outright donation, a planned gift that offers you guaranteed retirement income, or bequest.

Help us open the door and allow talented and deserving students to walk through to their future.