Honor Pledge

Starting in the Fall of 2010 Kent State University instituted an Honor Pledge (PDF). The initiative, begun in 2006, was the idea of students who were members of the Student Advisory Council of the College of Arts and Sciences. Incoming students (typically those receiving this or another class session on plagiarism as part of the DSK/FYE course) are asked to read and consider signing the pledge. Students should understand the following before committing to sign the pledge:

  1. Signing the pledge is completely voluntary. Students are under no obligation to sign it and will not be penalized in any manner for not signing it.
  2. The pledge is not a contract. It serves as a symbolic gesture or statement by each student signing that he or she will not commit an act of academic dishonesty.
  3. Although added to the student's official university records, it does not indicate any different treatment. Whether or not a student signs the pledge will have no effect on how a student is treated if accused of an act of academic dishonesty.
  4. The pledge is an initiative originating from 2006-2009 Student Advisory Council of the College of Arts & Sciences.