100% State of Ohio Physical Fitness Testing

Classes that have achieved 100% Passing Physical Fitness Testing


Congratulations to the class BAS 15-089, with dedication and hard work, they all passed the State of Ohio Peace Officer Training Academy physical conditioning test. The last cadet crossing the finish line, with only a second to spare, had the field house walls shaking from the roars of the cadets and other supporters.  This was truly a memorable test.

Congratulations BAS 15-089 100% Physical Fitness Test

GREAT JOB!  GO BAS 14-085!

This class began last September and at their initial fitness assessment only 50% were able to pass. A major hurdle the class faced was the upcoming holiday (Christmas) break and their diet during the two weeks off.  The instructors and cadets remained committed an achieved their goal of 100% passing on their final fitness assessment. The commander and staff are very proud of the teamwork displayed by this class. Additionally, as of February 26, 2015 all cadets passed the state written exam.