Policies & Procedures

One week prior to the official start date:
  • Orientation Before the official academy start date you will have an orientation that will cover the required Ohio Peace Officer Training commission paper work, dress code and ongoing procedures. 

First week of the academy:
  • Initial physical assessment The initial assessment will give the physical conditioning instructors important information to help them fulfill their primary goal.  They are committed to ensuring that all cadets are able to pass the State of Ohio mandated  physical fitness assessment. A physical fitness test is administered by an OPOTC official at the completion of training. Each cadet is required to pass this test.   The test consists of a timed 1.5-mile run, timed sit-ups and timed push-ups (based upon uniform standards according to age and gender).
Throughout the Academy:
  • Notebooks Notebook reviews are scheduled throughout each academy training to ensure that cadets are keeping their grades at acceptable levels.
  • Attendance Policy All classes are mandatory. If a cadet is more than 10 minutes late, or leaves class more than 10 minutes early, a full half-hour of absence is assigned to the cadet’s attendance record. Cadets must complete absence, tardy, and early dismissal forms (pink slips) and turn them in to the office as verification for each occasion.