Get Involved

Graduate Students: 

I accept new students interested in research careers in health psychology. Contact me directly at for more information on whether or not I anticipate accepting students for a specific year. If I do not respond within a week, try again, as I get hundreds of emails every day. Prospective graduate students do not need to express interest that exactly match mine, but they should be broadly interested in conducting research in clinical health psychology including heart disease, pulmonary disease, or other chronic health conditions. I see no point in cloning myself, and my former students developed their own expertise in areas such as quantitative methods, epidemiology, neuropsychology, and so on.

Undergraduate Students:

Credit: It is possible to work as an RA for credit in the lab (either supervised research or honors research). Usually, this translates into three credits for 8 hours each week. Only 6 credits of research experience “count” as upper division electives toward the psychology major, so many students volunteer if this is their first lab experience.


Get Involved

You may be able to volunteer in the lab. This is a good option if you intend to work in several labs during your time at Kent State or if you have already earned 6 credits of supervised research (the maximum that “count” toward the major). Volunteers typically work 6 hours per week.

For more information contact Dr. Hughes at