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Comprehension & Memory Lab

Research in our lab explores several interrelated questions about human comprehension and memory. What are the cognitive processes involved in reading, understanding, and remembering text material? Why do cognitive processes become faster and better with practice? How can we optimize learning in educationally relevant domains, to improve how much students learn, how fast they learn it, and how long they retain it? And what self-regulatory processes support such learning?

Current Members of Rawson Lab

Dr. Katherine Rawson, CV


Amanda Zamary, CV


Nola Daley, CV


Previous Students


Mary Pyc
Postdoctoral Fellow, Washington University
Research Scientist, DART Neuroscience

Nic Wilkins

Assistant Professor, Southeast Missouri State University

Kalif Vaughn
Postdoctoral Fellow, Williams College
Assistant Professor, Northern Kentucky University

Katie Wissman
Postdoctoral Fellow, Skidmore College
Assistant Professor, North Dakota State University (starting Fall 2018)


Members of the Rawson & Dunlosky Labs (RADLAB)

From top to bottom:  Nola Daley, Michelle Rivers, John Dunlosky, Irina Ghilic (visiting member),
Jess Janes, Amanda Zamary, Angie Jones, Kayla Morehead, and Katherine Rawson

RADLab Reunion in Granada, Spain

(L to R): Mariette Van Loon, Katie Wissman, Chris Was (honorary member), Amanda Zamary, Kayla Morehead, John Dunlosky, Katherine Rawson, Michael Mueller, Nathan Foster

Professor of Psychological Sciences