Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

The Office of Academic Diversity Outreach in the College of Public Health is committed to developing strategic engagement that positively impacts retention, persistence, and sense of belonging of the College of Public Health students, faculty and staff. 

Diversity mission statement

The College of Public Health is committed to equitable access and delivery of programs and resources through supporting excellence in teaching, research, and service aimed at sustaining an inclusive environment where all feel welcome and can thrive.

Meet our academic diversity officer

Each respective college on Kent's campus has a designated administrator or faculty appointed to serve as the Academic Diversity Officer (ADO). The ADO's specific role and responsibilities vary depending on the college, but all share the commonality of serving to support, assist, and advocate for students of color and underrepresented student populations within their college. 

The Academic Diversity Officer for the College of Public Health is Shaunte Rouse. Shaunte Rouse is from Akron, Ohio. She has been at Kent State University since 2014. Feel free to reach out to Shaunte with any questions or concerns regarding diversity, equity and inclusion, or sense of belonging related matters. 

You can reach Shaunte Rouse at srouse2@kent.edu


Goals & Objectives Activism through Research 

About the committee

Co-chairs:  Dr. Bethany Lanese and Dr. Lynette Phillips

Subcommittees: Events and Activities, Education and Training, Process and Policy Review

Join Us!

The CPH Diversity Committee is open to any CPH students, faculty or staff. To join in our important work, reach out to publichealth@kent.edu.

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