Birthday Parties

Skating Party

The Ice Arena is a very popular place to hold parties. We are pleased to offer our patrons the use of a private party room, located in the lobby by the front entrance. Lobby table reservations are also available with a-la-carte pricing. Group rates are offered to groups larger than ten people, but do not include food options. Birthday parties are held during our public skating sessions. Most of our public sessions are two hours in length. The majority of these session have an ice resurfacing after one hour of skating. This break lasts 10 minutes. Pizza is delivered after the first hour of the public session. This is a great time to serve your pizza and allows you more time to open gifts at the end of the session. You may bring your own birthday cake and ice cream; however, any other outside food is prohibited. Plates, napkins, cups and plastic utensil are available at no extra charge.

Party Room Package

Fee: $216

*Full payment due at time of booking.

The party room is ideal for celebrations during the public skating sessions. It offers over 300 square feet of private space, but parents and guardians maintain views through the wall-to-wall windows.

  • The party room is available 30 minutes prior to the start of a public session and 30 minutes after the session ends.
  • The room has five 8-foot tables and 20 chairs
  • Balloons, table cloths, and streamers are welcome; please no confetti or glitter.


  • Room rental
  • Admissions for up to 14 skaters
  • Skate rental for up to 14 skaters
  • Four pitchers of soda
  • Three large one-topping pizzas
  • Additional skaters and food are available for additional fees (see a-la-carte pricing)

To book your reservation call 330-672-RINK

Lobby Table Reservations

For smaller parties, lobby table reservations may be the best choice. Regardless of party size, there is no deposit required. Pricing is structured as follows and paid at the close of the party:

  • $6 per skater
  • $3 per skate rental
  • $3 per pitcher of soda
  • $14 per large one-topping pizza

*Tables are available at the start of the public session.

To book your reservation call 330-672-RINK

Group Rate

The group rate is offered to larger groups who are not interested in our organized food options. The ice arena does offer a concession stand for those wishing to purchase food or beverages on their own.

  • $6 Admission (10 skaters or more)
  • $3 skate rental