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KSU Lil Cyclones

The KSU Ice Arena and Kent Cyclones Youth Hockey Organization work in conjunction to offer the KSU Lil Cyclones program. This program is an age-appropriate, age-specific program for players ages 8 and under that promotes the integration of high performance, cross-ice practices and games. Drills are designed to focus on multiple skills and are enhanced by situational repetition. This program enhances players’ skills, creativity and participation level while also creating a positive environment for every child to play, love, excel and reach their full potential.  There are three main tenets to age-appropriate, age-specific hockey:  
1. More Puck Time: Smaller spaces cross-ice hockey means more opportunity for a player to touch the puck and ultimately improve their skill.  
2. Age-Appropriate Training: By scaling the ice to their level children are more involved, more engaged and developing their skills more efficiently. 
3. Increased Competition: A smaller ice surface makes players of all skill levels think and act quicker resulting in more frequent battles for the puck and hockey decision making.

Day Time

Jan. 6 - Mar. 20




  6:20 - 7:20 p.m.


1:50 - 2:50 p.m.

Fee: $220
Age Requirement: 5 - 9 years old