Group X Class Descriptions

Class Descriptions

Classes are for all levels unless otherwise noted.

Aqua Deep

A non-impact combination of cardiovascular and strength training that takes place in the deep end of our pool.

Aqua Shallow

Increase your strength and endurance with low impact movements in the shallow end of the pool.

Barre: Butts & Guts

Stretch, tone and feel the burn with this redesigned barre class that includes heart-pumping plyometrics, bodyweight exercises and muscle-lengthening stretches.

Bend ‘N Barre

Strengthen and lengthen.  Relieve and Namaste.  Increase your strength, endurance and flexibility with a blend of yoga and ballet inspired dance exercises.

BOOM Mind/Body

Focus on improving balance and flexibility in this yoga and Pilates inspired, invigorating workout geared toward beginners and older patrons looking to step up their fitness levels.

Cardio Barre (New!)

Join in for this upbeat, high-energy class aimed at strengthening muscles and improving flexibility.  This class combines basic ballet techniques with aerobic cardio.  No ballet experience required, just bring yourself and a positive attitude!

Dancin’ in the “Dark” (New!)

Shimmy, shake, feel your body wake!  Join us for this new Glow-inspired dance fitness class where you can let go for a while and have fun learning new dance moves, meet new friends and exercise all at the same time.

Gentle Flow Yoga (New!)

Move through the power of the breath in this smooth and gentle flowing class to cultivate balance, flexibility, strength and endurance as well as developing a sense of well-being and inner stillness.

Glow Spin

Glow Spin is an indoor cycling class that features high-intensity cardio set to an upbeat playlist with vibrant flashing lights.  Join this fun and trendy Spinning class to up your strength and endurance while jamming out to soulful music under the glow of neon lights! 

HIIT for EveryBODY (New!)

Every BODY is unique, so why shouldn’t your workout be too?  Don’t let the name of the class fool you.  High Intensity Interval Training IS for everyone.  You will experience rounds of moderate to higher intensity strength and cardio exercises, followed by ample amounts of recovery.  All exercises can be performed at your own pace and with options that meet your body’s needs.

Mat Pilates

Strengthen and trim your waistline while improving body alignment in this non-impact, non-aerobic, deep muscle conditioning class.

Multilevel Yoga

Designed for any level yogi, this class builds on basic yoga postures to expand into deeper movements, breath and mind awareness.

Power Pilates

Transform your body and increase your energy using controlled precise movements designed to stretch and strengthen your muscles.

Power Yoga

Gain strength, flexibility and mental awareness, while focusing on the physical aspect of yoga.

Rhythmic Pilates (New!)

Feel the rhythm!  Feel the beat!  Engage your abs and point your feet!  This class uses music to enhance the energy and flow of the class while you work through a series of core exercises that will strengthen and lengthen your muscles and sharpen your focus.


Get your heart and legs stronger as you go through an hour of flat roads, hills and jumps on the bike.

Strength for EveryBODY (New!)

Every BODY is unique, so why shouldn’t your workout be too?  This class is designed to make you mentally and physically stronger by showing you how to modify strength training exercises to fit your body’s needs.

Stronger Together Strength

Get stronger by engaging the whole body as you work through a series of strength exercises to sculpt and define your muscles.

Sunrise Yoga

A perfect way to start your week off right!  Great for all levels, join in and experience an invigorating combination of Vinyasa flow stretching and breathing techniques.

TRX 101

Use your bodyweight and gravity on the TRX Suspension Trainer to increase core strength and muscular endurance.

Yoga Basics

For beginners or continuing students, this class will help you learn yogic fundamentals and develop a solid yoga foundation.