Jan Rader Biography

Jan Rader headshot

Name: Jan Rader 

Job Title: Accounting Specialist 

Email: jrrader@kent.edu 

Office Phone #: 330-672-0483 

Job Description: Accounts payable, payroll, reconciliation, records and record retention, pretty much anything money. 

Worked FT at KSU since: 2001 

Education History: BBA 1981, MA 2013 

Currently reside in: Kent 

Hometown: Kokomo 

Hobbies and Interests: 1964 NY World's Fair, history from about the 18th century on, animal rights, art, writing, STEM, genealogy. I could probably think of a couple more things with more time. 

Awards and Achievements: I'm older than two of my grandparents were and almost older than a third. My writing-intensive master in American history is something I'm proud of, as well as much of my other writing.