Credit by Exam

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Students with demonstrable ability and knowledge in a particular subject area may earn credit in selected courses though Credit-By-Examination (CBE).

Students who wish to pursue CBE must complete the CBE application to gain appropriate college and departmental permission. The appropriate academic department administers the exam which may include the completion of additional assignments. The minimum passing standard for CBE is the equivalent of a “C” grade. However, no letter grade, only credit hours, are posted to the academic transcript for CBE.

  • CBE is only available to current enrolled degree seeking Kent State University students excluding transient, College Credit Plus, guest and workshop.
  • CBE credits cannot be used to fulfill the Resident Requirement.
  • The appropriate academic department administers the exam.
  • List of Approved classes for Fall 2016 (PDF)

Credit-By-Examination Application (PDF)

Steps for Completing the Credit-By-Examination Application


  • Complete Step I of the Credit-By-Examination Application (available on Registrar Forms page)
  • Obtain written approval of eligibility from the University Registrar's Office.
  • Obtain written approval from the College / Campus Dean's Office representative administering the exam.
  • Pay the $50.00 non-refundable, per credit hour fee at the Campus Bursar's / Cashier's Office.
  • Take the form and the receipt to the University Registrar's Office.

University Registrar

  • After Dean's office approval and fee payment is received by the University Registrar's Office, the application is forwarded/delivered to the academic department administering the exam.
  • Exam results will be distributed by the University Registrar's Office to the student, chairperson, and Transfer Center. Any credit earned (no letter grade, only the academic course and credit hours) will be posted to the student's academic record by the Transfer Center.


  • The department examiner will contact the student to establish an exam date and time, which may include the completion of additional assignments. After the exam is administered, the department will forward the completed application, including exam results, to the University Registrar's Office.