How to Withdraw

Withdrawal from any or all courses is permitted through the 10th week of the semester (or the prorated deadline for flexibly scheduled sections).

After that time, students are considered to be committed to all remaining courses and must complete them. If students are unable to complete the semester because of extreme circumstances that first occur after the deadline, students should:

  • Consult with course faculty to determine if an incomplete mark is an option.
  • Consider completing a Petition for Exception to Registration for a late withdrawal request involving documented unusual or extenuating circumstances.
  • Discuss options with their Academic Advisor if additional assistance is needed to determine next steps.

Any course withdrawal(s) processed after the second week of the full semester will appear on the students' academic record with a grade of "W".

  • No approval is required to withdraw from a course during the withdrawal period.
  • To withdraw from courses, login to FlashLine and go to:
    • Student / Resources / Courses and Registration
    • Click on the Add or Drop a Course link
    • Follow the prompts when on the Add/Drop page, choose the appropriate option from the Action drop down box for the selected course(s)
    • Then, click Submit Changes
  • NOTE: If class beginning and/or ending dates are other than the regular session dates for a term, course withdrawal deadlines may be different. For these flexibly scheduled classes, you may determine the course withdrawal deadlines by clicking on the CRN links on the View or Print Course Schedule and Purchase Textbooks in the Student Category / Resources Page / Courses and Registration Section in FlashLine or by accessing the Detailed Class Search from the View Schedule of Courses. After locating the course, click on the "Registration Deadlines" link to determine course specific dates. You may also contact the One Stop for Student Services at 330-672-6000 or via the Contact Us button on their website for assistance.
  • Financial aid recipients must be aware that repeating a course, dropping a course, or withdrawing from a course can adversely affect their financial aid eligibility in a given term or their eligibility to receive aid in the future. Visit the Aid Recalculation Due to Enrollment Activities page for more information.
  • Course withdrawal may impact degree progress. Therefore, consult with your advisor prior to processing your course withdrawal.
  • Any applicable refund will be based solely on the date the course withdrawal transaction is completed on the registration system. Please refer to the Bursar's website.

Access the Registrar Important Dates and Events by Term

Petition for Exception to Registration

Use the Petition for Exception to Registration Form when requesting registration/schedule adjustment transactions to your class schedule after published University deadlines for the class(es). Access the Detailed Class Search from the View Schedule of Courses. After locating the course, click on the "Registration Deadlines" link to determine course specific dates.

Important Information about Withdrawing from a Class

Withdrawing from one or more of your classes for this semester may have negative consequences. Before completing this transaction, check the impact on your:

  • Medical Insurance - individual or family policy.
  • Auto Insurance - individual or family policy.
  • Current and future financial aid including loan repayment.
  • Scholarship eligibility.
  • Athletic eligibility.
  • International and immigration status.
  • Academic progress - students who repeatedly withdrawal from one or more classes are less likely to complete their degrees.

Note: Students living in residence halls who have withdrawn from all classes are required to move out of their rooms as soon as they have completed the transaction resulting in zero hours for the semester.

Note: You are encouraged to meet with an academic advisor in your college office to discuss the impact of withdrawal on your academic progress. If this meeting occurs before the withdrawal deadline, the advisor will be able to help you assess your situation before you make your decision. However, failure to meet with an advisor before the deadline does NOT provide justification for late course withdrawal after the deadline.