Late Add

  • Student Statement:  Attach a typed detailed statement, explaining the nature of your request, why the request is being made and what extenuating circumstances prevented you from completing this change before the official processing deadline for the course(s).  Please note if you are requesting to audit a course.

  • Instructor statement:  Please have the instructor of the course(s) email, from their KSU email address, if they are in favor of your enrollment. They may also provide a statement on KSU letterhead. The instructor should include the course subject, course number, section and CRN.

  • Supporting Documentation: Provide documentation that supports the extenuating circumstances presented in your student statement. Supporting documentation is required after the first week of classes.

  • Late adds are considered only if the instructor is in favor of the late add and verifies:

    • Student has participated in class and has a reasonable chance to successfully complete the course by the end of the term

    • If the student has not participated in class it should be understood what is expected (catching up with missed assignments, additional work etc.) and that there is a reasonable chance that the student will be successful in completing the course.

If a student is requesting to add multiple courses, all instructor statements must be received. We do not process partial petitions. If there is an issue with obtaining approval from one or some instructors, the student may submit a revised petition for the courses where an instructor statement was received. The original request will be voided.

  • Open Learning courses: Students may request to late add open-learning courses after the first week, with this form. Instructor approval is needed.

  • Re-add: Circumstances for which a student may request to re-add a course:

    • Student was withdrawn during Bursar Deregistration and they are beyond the rebuild period and unable to request to rebuild their schedule through the Bursar’s Office.  Students are not able to pick and choose which courses to re-add, all courses withdrawn must be re-added. Students should request to re-add courses within the term they were de-registered and before the end of the semester. 
    • Classes were dropped due to early cancellation due to non-payment and the student is unable to re-add online.
    • Student accidently drops or withdraws the wrong course.
  • Course Changes: A student may need to request a change from one course section to another. Even if the courses are the same, there may be additional fees based on the dates of dropping/withdrawing and adding of a course. In addition, tuition and fees associated with a course vary based on the campus and method of instruction. Changing a course of the exact same subject does not necessarily mean that there will not be any additional charges.

  • Pass/Fail or Audit: Undergraduate students wishing to take coursework on a pass-fail basis should complete the Pass/Fail or Audit Grade Request Form by the published deadlines. Only one course per semester may be taken pass-fail. (NOTE: Some courses such as Kent Core or graduate courses cannot be taken pass-fail.)
  • Online Late Registration Request:

    • Students will use the online Late Registration Request when attempting to add to their class schedule during the 80% drop window. This request form cannot be used for Open Learning courses. After the 80% drop window students will need to use a petition for exception to registration.