Late Drop

  • Supporting Documentation: Provide documentation that supports the extenuating circumstances presented in your student statement. There should be documented reason, as to why you were unable to drop by published university deadlines. You should also confirm that you never paid.

  • Late drop requests are for extraordinary situations, beyond the student’s control. Computer error, change in employment, being unaware of published university deadlines, lack of books or supplies, poor performance, dissatisfaction with a grade earned or instructor issues are not valid reasons for this petition.

  • Deadline: Drop/Delete of a course may only be considered during the semester of the course and due to never attending or when a student stopped attending by the 2nd week of the term. A drop/delete is removal of a course from the academic record. The deadline for a late request is the last day of the course. Requests will not be considered during finals week or beyond. Retroactive requests for an earlier term will not be considered for a drop. You must use the petition for exception to registration form to request a late withdrawal.