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Other Requests and Forms

The Application for Undergraduate Reenrollment is for use by students who have previously attended Kent State University as an undergraduate student, and would like to return as an undergraduate student. Applicants who have been convicted of a criminal offense or have charges pending against them must also complete a Personal Explanation Statement.

Application for Undergraduate Reenrollment (PDF)

Personal Explanation Statement (PDF)


The Application for Undergraduate Reinstatement is for use by students who were dismissed at least twelve months prior and would like to return as an undergraduate student. Students can begin planning for reinstatement by reviewing the Reinstatement Policy in the University Catalog. Contact your college or campus advising office if you have any questions regarding the undergraduate reinstatement process.

Request for Undergraduate Reinstatement (PDF)

Personal Explanation Statement (PDF)

Student data requests

The Office of the University Registrar takes the request for the release of a student’s information, whether student directory or non-student directory, very seriously. The Office of the University Registrar will ensure that all provisions of University Policy #5 - 08.101 are followed, as well as, require that requestors understand the implications of non-compliance to securing all student information. For additional information regarding third party data requests please visit the Public Records Requests on the Office of the General Counsel's website.

Data Request Form (PDF)

Petition for Exception to Registration

For detailed information on the online Late Registration Request form please visit the How to Register section of the University Registrar's webpage.

Students will use the Petition for Exception to Registration Form when requesting registration/schedule adjustment transactions to their class schedule after published University deadlines for the class(es). Access the Detailed Class Search from the Schedule of Classes. After locating the course, click on the "Registration Deadlines" link to determine course specific dates.

Deadline to Submit Petitions for Exception to Registration

The university is obligated to ensure the integrity of the academic transcript as an accurate historical document. Therefore, in order for the academic transcript to reflect the actual history of a student’s experience at the university, an exception to university policy is warranted only in cases involving documented unusual or extenuating circumstances.

A petition is a request for exception to university policy and review and/or approval is not guaranteed. Students may submit a petition in a reasonable period of time, typically within the term under consideration. Petitions for exception to registration may be reviewed retroactively at the discretion of the University Registrar not to exceed two years (2) from the end of the term in which the requested action is sought. Petitions more than two (2) years from the end of the term under consideration are not guaranteed to be reviewed and/or approved. For further information regarding the Petition for Exception to Registration process, please email onestop@kent.edu.

Petition for Exception to Registration Form (PDF)

Pass-Fail Grade Option

  • Undergraduate students may elect to take certain courses on a pass-fail basis. The purpose of this option is to provide an opportunity for the exploration of a broader range of coursework than is normally included in specific and distributive degree requirements. Students considering this option should be aware that some institutions of higher education do not accept transfer credit taken on a pass-fail basis. In addition, most graduate and professional schools prefer that pass-fail credit be kept to a minimum.
  • Students should contact their college, school, or Regional Campus office for clarification of the pass-fail option and for application of that option to their particular program prior to selecting the pass-fail grade option. Conditions governing the acceptability of coursework that pertains to all students may be found in the Pass-Fail Policy in the University Catalog.
  • Undergraduate students wishing to take coursework on a pass-fail basis should complete the Pass/Fail Grade Request Form by the published deadlines. Only one course per semester may be taken pass-fail. (NOTE: Some courses such as Kent Core or graduate courses cannot be taken pass-fail.)
  • The last day to select the pass-fail grading option varies by semester. Please see the appropriate Registrar Important Dates and Events by Term calendar for published deadlines.
  • NOTE: If class beginning and/or ending dates are other than the regular session dates for a full term, the deadlines for processing registration transactions may be different. For these flexibly-scheduled classes, access the Detailed Class Search from the Schedule of Classes. After locating the course, click on the "Registration Deadlines" link to determine course specific dates. Information is also available by clicking on the CRN links on your Student Printable Schedule, accessible from your Courses and Registration section on the Student Resources page in FlashLine.

Registrar Important Dates and Events by Term for Published Deadlines

Selective Service Registration Statement

Kent State University and its eligible male students are required to verify selective service status; please do so by checking the appropriate statement and signing your name. If you have received notification that you are not in compliance with this regulation, please complete the Statement of Selective Service Registration Compliance form and return it to the One Stop for Student Services at onestop@kent.edu.

Selective Service Registration Statement