Petition for Exception To Registration

Students will use the Petition for Exception to Registration Form when requesting registration/schedule adjustment transactions to their class schedule after published University deadlines for the class(es). Access the Detailed Class Search from the Schedule of Classes. After locating the course, click on the "Registration Deadlines" link to determine course specific dates.

Deadline to Submit Petitions for Exception to Registration

The university is obligated to ensure the integrity of the academic transcript as an accurate historical document. Therefore, in order for the academic transcript to reflect the actual history of a student’s experience at the university, an exception to university policy is warranted only in cases involving documented unusual or extenuating circumstances.

A petition is a request for exception to university policy and review and/or approval is not guaranteed. Students may submit a petition in a reasonable period of time, typically within the term under consideration. Petitions for exception to registration may be reviewed retroactively at the discretion of the University Registrar not to exceed two years (2) from the end of the term in which the requested action is sought. Petitions more than two (2) years from the end of the term under consideration are not guaranteed to be reviewed and/or approved. Documents are not returned to students or shared with other offices. Students should keep a copy of their petition and supporting documents for their records. Forms that are incomplete or contain inaccurate information will not be reviewed.  Requests with documentation that is illegible will not be reviewed. For further information regarding the Petition for Exception to Registration process, please email

Degree Awarded/Closed Records

Retroactive requests made for records where a degree has been awarded and grades are final on the permanent academic record will not be considered.  The record is closed.

Policy Register Information

Petition for Exception to Registration

The following requests can be made by submitting the Petition for Exception to Registration

  • Late add of a course or re-add a course that was accidently withdrawn or dropped due to the Bursar Cancelation process.
  • Late withdraw of a course due to documented extenuating circumstances. Late withdrawals are not backdated.
  • Course section changes (Same course for a different section)
  • Level changes of a course (Undergraduate and Graduate level)
  • Approved credit hour change for variable credit hour courses
  • Any registration related request for a course that is NOT graded with a NF

Petition for Exception for Registration (Dynamic Form)

NF (Never Attended) Grade Related Request - CURRENT TERM ONLY

Students may be eligible to submit a Petition for Exception to Registration - Late Drop (No 'W' on the academic record) from that includes a tuition credit approval. This request is only for the current term courses that have a final grade of NF. THIS FORM CAN ONLY BE USED TO REQUEST A LATE DROP. A “drop” is when a course is dropped from the student’s schedule during the 100% or 80% tuition credit periods. There is no W, “Withdrawal”, on the academic record. A “drop” is different from a “withdrawal”.  A withdrawal is when a course is withdrawn after the 2nd week of the term or equivalent and a W is posted on the official transcript.

NF Grade Related Request Form - Current Term Only (Dynamic Form)

NF (Never Attended) Grade Related Request - PRIOR TERMS ONLY

This application is to be completed if you wish to be officially withdrawn from a PRIOR TERM  class(es) that is currently graded as NF (Never Attended - F). If the application is approved, you will be officially withdrawn resulting in a 'W' on the official academic record and a corresponding tuition credit for the particular course(s). Please note a tuition credit may not result in a credit on your student account. The instructor(s) of record must provide verification that the student never attended and never submitted any coursework by sending an email to The Office of the University Registrar will not consider requests regarding a term, prior to Fall 2008. 

NF Grade Related Request Form - Prior Terms Only (Dynamic Form)

Military Call-Up Petition for Exception to Registration 

Students who are involuntarily called to active duty may submit a Military Call-Up Petition for Exception to Registration. Students must submit a copy of their military orders with the petition. Please review additional information on Military Call-Up guidelines and reenrollment

Petition for Exception for Registration - Military Call-Up (Dynamic Form)

For additional questions or status update email