Update Personal Information

Legal Name Change

A request for a legal name change must be accompanied by a completed legal name change request form, a photo ID, and the required legal documentation.  Legal documentation such as a court order, marriage license, birth certificate, Social Security card, valid U.S. passport, or an adoption order must be submitted in order to complete the request.

Complete the Legal Name Change Request Form

Note to currently enrolled students who are also employed in some capacity by KSU:
You must provide the above documentation along with a copy of your social security card for Human Resources requirements.

Chosen Name 

Creating an inclusive environment is part of Kent State University’s mission statement, and we recognize that some students use a name other than their legal name to identify themselves. Kent State University has established a process for identifying a chosen name. Click here for more information regarding a chosen name at Kent State University

Change of Address and Phone Number

It is the responsibility of the student to update or correct their address information through FlashFAST. Every student must have a permanent address on file.

Log into FlashLine and click on Profile Picture to access Name Change / Marital Status updates in the Secure Account Access Section. Use the links in this channel to view and update addresses currently listed in the student information system. Students can update permanent, local, billing, diploma, and emergency contact addresses.

Be advised that only one of the following phone numbers will appear in the Online Phone Directory. This is determined by the following hierarchy:

  1. Campus Hall Residence Phone Number, if none available then,
  2. Local Phone Number, if none available then,
  3. Cell Phone Number, if none available then,
  4. Permanent Phone Number

If you wish to remove your phone number from appearing in the online Phone Directory, log into FlashLine, access the Addresses and Phone Numbers link in the Secure Account Access by clicking on your Profile Picture and click in the Unlisted in Web Directory box for each phone number you want unlisted.

Email Address and Personal Web Pages

All currently enrolled students are assigned a KSU E-mail account, which is the official University means of communication. Students are responsible for all information sent to them via their University assigned account. Please check your e-mail often through FlashLine. Log into FlashLine and click on Profile Picture to access Email Addresses / Personal Web Pages in the Secure Account Access Section to view and update additional e-mail addresses and your personal web page.

Emergency Contact Information and FlashALERTS

By entering Emergency Contact information, you are telling KSU who we should contact in case you become ill or incapacitated at KSU. To update emergency contact information, log into FlashLine and click on your Profile Picture to access the Emergency Contacts link under the Secure Account Access Section.

FlashALERTS is Kent State's official emergency text notification system to alert students, faculty and staff of critical information no matter what time it is or where they are in the world. To sign up for FlashALERTS, log into FlashLine and click on your Profile Picture to access the FlashALERTS link under the Secure Account Access Section.