Design Innovation and the Research Institutes and Initiatives

Design Innovation at Kent State University

In collaboration with the five research institutes initiatives at Kent State,

The Design Innovation Initiative… 

  • Supports the research infrastructure by bringing together students, faculty, community and leading experts from diverse disciplines who are thoughtfully addressing technology and society through design to become creative, intersectional problem-solvers and fearless collaborators in the face of complex, messy problems.   
  • We do this by building and connecting a network of existing makerspaces and resource laboratories across the entire university, making them more visible, accessible and effective in supporting cross-disciplinary research collaboration. We call these the “Design Innovation Nodes.”
  • We link this network to the “Design Innovation Hub,” which is currently being designed and will sit at the center of the Kent Campus.  The DI HUB, scheduled to open in Summer 2020, will serve as an open-access, collaborative, co-working, co-making, idea-generating and innovation- accelerating environment to be a place that inspires the “kinetic collisions” for collaborative researchers, makers, fixers and experimenters.  The DI HUB will host addressable collaborative spaces for cross-disciplinary research teams to apply for use on a per project basis.

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