Award for Best Dissertation in Mental Health

Previous Award Winners

Year Name Affiliation (at time of Award) Dissertation Title
2022 Alena Kuhlemeier University of New Mexico "Development of health disparities among sexual minority youth"
2020 Atsushi Narisada University of Toronto
The Social Antecedents and Consequences of the Sense of Distributive Injustice
2019 Bianca Manago Indiana University The Role of Mental Health Labels in Stigma and Status Processes
2018  Courtney Boen University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill Death by a Thousand Cuts: Psychosocial Stress Exposure and Black-White Disparities in Psychophysiological Functioning in Late Life
2017 Jennifer Caputo Indiana University Parental Co-Residence Histories and Psychological Well-Being among Contemporary Young Adults
2016 Alexis Ann Merdjanoff Rutgers University, New Brunswick Weathering the storm: the long-term consequences of Hurricane Katrina on mental health, mobility and recovery
2015 Ning Hsieh University of Pennsylvania Social Networks, Social Support, and Mental Health in Cross-National Comparative Perspective
2014 Eric Grollman Indiana University The Continuing Significance of Discrimination: Multiple Forms of Discrimination and Health
2013 Shirin Montazeri University of Toronto Country of Origin, Time, and the Stress Process: The Mental Health Adjustment of Immigrants in the National Population Health Survey
2012 Not Given - -
2011 Catherine J. Taylor  Cornell University Biological and Subjective Responses to Minority Status and Social Exclusion in the Workplace: A Gendered Perspective
2010 Kerry Dobransky Northwestern University "Help Me to Help You: The Logic and Practice of Empowerment in Community Mental Health Services"
2009  Brea L. Perry Indiana University
"The Ripple Effect: Changes in Social Structural Location and Social Network Dynamics in Mental Illness"
2008 Sigrun Olafsdottir Boston University "Beds or Meds: The Changing Societal Response to Mental Health Problems in Advanced, Industrialized Nations, 1960-2003"
2007 Lisa Strohschein University of Alberta  
2005 Julie McLaughlin University of North Carolina - Charlotte "The Timing of Family Transitions and Depression: Difference by Sex and Education Level"
2004 Parisa Tehranifar Columbia University "Perceived Racial Discrimination among Urban African American Adolescents: Exploring Links with Ethnic Identity, School Ethnic Composition and Psychological Symptoms"
2001 Kristi  Williams University of Texas "Has the Future of Marriage Arrived? A Contemporary Examination of the Effects of Marital Status and Marital Quality on the Psychological Well-Being of Women and Men"
1999 Alisa Lincoln Columbia University  "Psychiatric Emergency Room Decision Making: Social Control and the 'Undeserving Sick'"
1998 Terrance J. Wade University of Westen Ontario "Stress and Distress Among Husbands and Wives"
1994 Pamela Braboy Jackson Duke University "The Context of Transition Events Across the Life Course: The Effects of Prior Event Sequencing on Adult Mental Health"