Department of Sociology and Criminology Undergraduate Testimonials


As a graduate of Kent State University in the Department of Sociology and Criminology, I owe all of my skills and knowledge to the professors who took time outside of class to answer my questions and fuel my endeavors and passions. To future and current students, I say this: Take the initiative, ask your professors for help, get to know their areas of expertise outside that specific class. You will never know how far you can fly unless you try. These people will offer more opportunities than you can possibly imagine -- you just have to ask.

--Christina Watson

As a student, this department really made me feel like they truly cared about my education and career after graduating. With their help I was able to easily get into graduate school at Xavier University, and have had much success since. Couldn't ask for better professors and faculty.

--Justin Patterson

Kent State University provided me a wonderful undergraduate experience. Not only were the opportunities endless, the professors truly care about their students. I recommend KSU to everyone headed to college whether they are straight out of high school or are deciding to further their education as they get older! Endless opportunities and great people :)

--Patricia Leistiko