Tiffany Taylor Recent Publications

  • Lansberry, Kasey, Tiffany Taylor and Elizabeth Seale. (2017).  “Meeting Rural Families’ Demand for Services: A County-Level Analysis of North Carolina.” Journal of Poverty, 27(1): 20-41.

  • Taylor, Tiffany, Katrina Bloch, and Brianna Turgeon. (2017). “What Work/Life Balance? Ohio Welfare-to-Work Program Managers’ Focus on Paid Work.” Pp. 25-39 in The Balancing Act: Intersections of Work-Life Balance in Communication Across Identities, Genders, and Cultures. Edited by Elizabeth Fish Hatfield. Lexington Books.

  • Creating and Contesting Social Inequalities Contemporary Readings, Carissa M. Froyum, Katrina Bloch, and Tiffany Taylor (2016); ISBN: 9780190238469 496 pages. A unique inequality reader with emphases on intersectionality, disability, social change, and data analysis

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