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Richard E. Adams

Department of Sociology
Chair and Full Professor
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2018 Distinguished Honors Faculty Award

Only one award is given each year.  This award recognizes excellence in Honors teaching, based upon years of service, advising of independent work, and a proven record of strong teaching performance. 

Teaching and Research Interests:

  • Mental Health or Illness
  • Community/Neighborhoods
  • Positive Youth Development
  • Disasters

Key Presentations:

  • Adams, Richard E., Urosevich, Thomas G., Hoffman Stuart N., Kirchner, H. Lester, Hyacinthe, Johanna C., Figley, Charles R., and Boscarino, Joseph A. 2017. Social support and coping resources, mental health problems, and treatment seeking among veterans in non-VA facilities: Results from the Veterans’ Health Study. Annual Meeting of the Eastern Sociological Society, Philadelphia, PA, February 23-26.
  • Jones, Adrian and Richard E. Adams. 2016. An examination of the effects of individual and neighborhood characteristics on smoking and drinking: A longitudinal analysis. Annual Meeting of the Society for the Study of Social Problems, Seattle, WA. August, 19-21.
  • Drinkard, Allyson, Christopher Schell, and Richard E. Adams. 2016. Exposure to violence and adolescent well-being. Annual meeting of the North Central Sociological Association, Chicago, IL, March 23-26.
  • Jones, Adrian and Richard E. Adams. 2015. Neighborhood Context, Deviant Peers, Self-Control, and Substance Use:  A Multi-Wave Analysis. Annual meeting of the American Society of Criminology, Washington, D.C., November 18-21.


  • Mental Health Disorders, Suicide Risk, and Treatment-Seeking Among Formerly Deployed National Guard and Reserve Service Members Seen in Non-VA Facilities (9/1/2015-8/31/2018, awarded $25,500).  This grant was awarded to me as a subcontract and is part of a larger three-year study conducted by Joseph A. Boscarino at Geisinger Medical Center. Role: Subaward Principle Investigator.
  • Development and Validation of the Medic Mettle Scale (7/01/2012-6/30/2013, awarded $19,000 ($13,000 direct and $6,000 indirect from Tulane University, but originally from the Department of Defense). This grant was awarded to me for conducting analyses and developing a Medic Mettle Scale using data collected on about 100 medics. Role: PI. Final report sent 7/2013.


  • Department of Sociology Institutional Review Board (2009-)
  • Department of Sociology Graduate Education Committee (2007-2011)
  • Editor ASA Mental Health Section Newsletter


Ph.D. Indiana University, Bloomington, 1989, M.A. The Catholic University of America, 1982, B.A., California State University at Long Beach, 1979


Mental Health, Sociology of Urban Life, Social Psychology, Medical Sociology, Substance Use


  • Chopko, Brian A., Patrick A. Palmieri, and Richard E. Adams (In Press). Posttraumatic growth in relation to the frequency and severity of traumatic experiences among police officers in small to midsize department. Journal of Interpersonal Violence.
  • Drinkard, Allyson M., Nicolle Estevez, and Richard E. Adams. 2017. Social development assets and law-abidingness among urban adolescents: Implications for positive youth development. Journal of Community Psychology, 45, 363-379.
  • Adams, RE., C. Ritter, & N. Bonfine. 2015. Epidemiology of trauma: Childhood adversities, neighborhood problems, discrimination, chronic strains, life events, and daily hassles among people with a severe mental illness. Psychiatry Research, 230: 609-616.
  • Chopko, Brian A., Patrick A. Palmieri, Richard E. Adams. 2015. Critical Incident History Questionnaire Replication: Frequency and Severity of Trauma Exposure among Officers from Small and Mid-Size Police Agencies. Journal of Traumatic Stress, 28: 157-16
  • Adams, Richard E. and Joseph A. Boscarino. 2015. Volunteerism and well-being in the context of the World Trade Center Terrorist Attacks. International Journal of Emergency Mental Health and Human Resiliency, 17: 274-282.
  • Adams, Richard E., Lin T. Guey, Semyon F. Gluzman, and Evelyn Bromet. 2011. Psychological well-being and risk perceptions of mothers in Kyiv Ukraine, 19 years after the Chornobyl Disaster. International Journal of Social Psychiatry, 57: 637-645.


Department of Sociology Institutional Review Board (2009-), Editor ASA Mental Health Section Newsletter


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Healthy Communities Research Initiative