Tiffany Taylor

Tiffany Taylor

Associate Professor
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Tiffany Taylor is President of Sociologists for Women in Society.

Teaching and Research Interests:

  • Families
  • Inequality- Class, Gender, Race, and Sexuality
  • Research Methodology - Mixed Methods, Qualitative, and Quantitative
  • Social Psychology
  • Social Theory
  • Welfare Service Delivery and Poverty
  • Work and Organizations

Recent Publications:

Taylor, Tiffany and Katrina Bloch (co-editors). 2018. Marginalized Mothers, Mothering from the Margins. Advances in Gender Research. Volume 25. Emerald Group Publishing Limited.

Katrina Bloch, Tiffany Taylor and Karen Martinez*. (Forthcoming). “Playing the ‘Race Card’: White Injury, White Victimhood, and the Paradox of Colour-blind Ideology in Anti-Immigrant Discourse.”  Ethnic and Racial Studies.

Taylor, Tiffany, Alison Buck, Brianna Turgeon*, Katrina Bloch and Jacob Church*. 2019. “Spatial Variation in U.S. Labor Markets and Workplace Gender Segregation: 1980-2005.” Sociological Inquiry, 89(4): 703-726.

Taylor, Tiffany, Alison Buck, Katrina Bloch and Brianna Turgeon*. 2019. “Gender Composition and Share of Management: Tipping Points in US Workplaces, 1980-2005.” The Social Science Journal, 56(1): 48-59.

Gross, Christi L.*, Jacob Church*, Tiffany Taylor, and Jackuelyn Towne-Roese. 2018. “‘Between a Rock and a Hard Place’: The Constraints of Welfare-to-Work Bureaucracies.” Poverty & Public Policy,10(1): 39-56.


2013, American Sociological Association and National Science Foundation Fund for the Advancement of the Discipline (with Elizabeth Seale). “Race and Place:  A Comparative Case Study of Welfare-to-Work Service Delivery in North Carolina and Ohio.” $7000.

2009, Kent State University. Farris Family Innovation Grant. “Welfare Service Delivery and Organizational Relations between Departments of Social Services and Nonprofit Organizations.” $24,000.


Vice President SWS 2013-2015

Faculty Advisor to Kent-Akron Sociologists for Women in Society


Ph.D. North Carolina State University, 2008


Social Psychology of Inequality, Sociological Theory, Feminist Theory, Black Feminist Thought, Qualitative Research Methods, Quantitative Research Methods, Mixed Research Methods


  • Taylor, Tiffany, Christi L. Gross, and Brianna Turgeon. 2018. “Becoming a Good Welfare Manager: Paternalistic Oppressive Othering and Neoliberal Boundary Maintenance.” Sociological Focus 51(4):335-349.
  • Taylor, Tiffany, Brianna Turgeon*, and Christi L. Gross*. 2018. “Helpers ‘Here on the Frontlines’: Welfare-to-Work Managers’ Moral Identity Work.” Symbolic Interaction 41(1): 45-61.
  • Lansberry, Kasey, Tiffany Taylor and Elizabeth Seale. 2017. “Meeting Rural Families’ Demand for Services: A County-Level Analysis of North Carolina.” Journal of Poverty, 27(1): 20-41.
  • Taylor, Tiffany, Katrina Bloch, & Brianna Turgeon. 2017. “What Work/Life Balance? Ohio Welfare-to-Work Program Managers’ Focus on Paid Work.” The Balancing Act: Intersections of Work-Life Balance in Communication Across Identities, Genders, and Culture.