Social Psychology

The graduate program in the Department of Sociology at Kent State University offers a specialization in social psychology with emphases in the three broad areas of social structure and personality, symbolic interactionism, and structural social psychology. Within those broad areas, students and faculty study a range of topics:

  • Affect
  • Deviance
  • Emotions
  • Gender
  • Identity
  • Mental Health
  • Race 
  • Status
  • Social neuroscience

The department offers numerous social psychology courses, including Social Psychology, Personality & Social Systems, the Sociology of Sentiments & Emotions, the Sociology of Communications, Status, Power, & Legitimacy, and Self, Identity, & Interaction.


The department is home to the Electrophysiological Neuroscience Laboratory of Kent (ENLoK), a unique research facility that provides faculty and students at all levels with the opportunity to incorporate electroencephalographic (EEG) brain measurement and other physiological measurements into their research. Recent student and faculty projects have used these methods to advance our understanding of racial bias in criminal sentencing and the gender "glass ceiling" in science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) fields. The lab employs a full-time research professor to help students and faculty with their projects, particularly those who are new to the use of neurological methods in social psychological research.