What are the benefits of the model?

Here are a few of the key benefits:   

  • Single Sign-On – Students will have a single sign-on through the LMS on the first day of class with no additional access code required
  • Convenience – No need to shop around for the lowest price or navigate finding the right product
  • Course Material Charge – Payment is made as a material charge with the course and allows for traditional funding (student financial aid) to cover costs or delayed costs
  • Preferred Pricing – Below market value pricing that reduces the cost on required material
  • Value Print Option – Supplement to online content is made available in the University Bookstore based on publisher availability
  • Consistency – Consistent first day of class delivery of digital content for students within a course
  • Compliance – OE guidelines of below market pricing, delivery by the first day of class, and providing the students with an option to opt-out is all provided by the University Bookstore