Flash Books Save Time Save Money


Flash Books Program

The Flash Books program is an innovative way to tap into your course materials. Access is provided as soon as an instructor makes the course available to students for required materials through the LMS. In turn, the cost to the student is drastically reduced for the Interactive digital course materials/textbooks. In addition, we have enhanced our textbook model to instantaneously provide access to the course materials while also improving affordability.


The goal of this program is to improve educational success from day one, while reducing the cost of course materials for students by up to 80%.



How it works:

  • An e-mail will be sent to students prior to the first day of classes informing the student that they are enrolled in a course that is part of the Flash Books program. The information in the e-mail will include course information, the cost of the course content, the opt-out date and the type of content the course will contain. Please note that not all courses and sections of a course are a part of the program.  To see the complete list of courses in the program visit the course listing page
  • Student will access the required course material through the LMS. Instructors will inform students the proper way to access the content in their specific course.
  • By default, students are opted into the content. If the student decides at that time they do not want their required course material to be delivered in this program at the low cost offered, they have the option to OPT-OUT.  Please visit the course listing page if you no longer have the information from the email to find the opt-out date.  If you choose to opt-out, you will be responsible for obtaining the appropriate course materials/textbook.

Why it works:

  • Access to the material is guaranteed by the first day of classes, possibly earlier. It is available as soon as the instructor makes the course available to students in the LMS.
  • No waiting to purchase access codes, or for delivery of a book purchased online or out-of-stock at the bookstore.
  • Kent State University, the University Bookstore, faculty and publishers have agreed on the lowest possible price to provide the required course content electronically through the LMS.

Tips to Ensure Access to Content:


Additional Information can be found in the FAQ , and resource sections of this website.