Design Innovation, shared by all, owned by all.

At Kent State, we are enlightening a new generation of critical thinkers by connecting disciplines to develop novel solutions to grand, global and everyday challenges. Where design and innovation meet, this collaborative initiative is unveiled in a new light as we discover creative, interdisciplinary solutions that our 21st century world is looking for – from concept to application. The Design Innovation (DI) Initiative focuses on the development of solutions by reaching across academic fields and partnering with industry to enhance collaboration and communication skills, critical thinking and creativity. Design Innovation is an ecosystem of physical, human and intellectual resources to help students find their purpose.

“Our goal is to leverage and elevate the entire Design Innovation Ecosystem — DI Hub and DI nodes — to help create a powerful and diverse community of fearless collaborators.”
— J.R. Campbell, Executive Director, Kent State Design Innovation Initiative

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  • Bio-Design Challenge

    Bio-Design Challenge

    A team of Kent State students was recognized for its efforts to create a sustainable black dye alternative at the Biodesign Challenge.

  • Celebrating Liberty

    Celebrating Liberty

    Kent State created a 3D-printed replica of the Liberty of Poetry statue that was exhibited at Ellis Island in New York City.

  • DI Fellows Program

    DI Fellows Program

    Building a network of student-to-student learning to prepare students to become leaders of meaningful change.

  • Reframing Experiences

    Reframing Experiences

    Students collaborate through interdisciplinary teams to create an immersive, public-facing exhibition in the Design Innovation Hub.

Design Innovation brings together ideas and innovations from nearly all disciplines - from aeronautics to art, engineering to fashion, liquid crystals to computer science and beyond.