At Kent State, we encourage students and faculty to push beyond their comfort zone, all the way to South Dakota, New York, Florence, Geneva, Ghana and beyond. By immersing themselves in new cultural and learning experiences, they return to campus transformed, with a confidence and broadened perspective that will set the world alight. As Kent State defines its place as a national public research university, we are committed to positioning the university for success in an increasingly global environment. The university is focused on increasing the enrollment of international students, expanding our global footprint and providing high-quality study-abroad opportunities for all students.  

Kent State offers students the possibility to study across the globe, with programs in Italy, France, Germany, South Korea, Brazil, Czech Republic, Switzerland and China. Study Abroad participation grew by 6.4 percent during the 2018 academic year and the number of students studying in Florence, one of the most popular destinations, nearly 800 students, doubling enrollment over the past three years.


  • Caya’s Global Story

    Caya’s Global Story

    Caya Smarr’s study-abroad experiences have certainly filled up her passport, with trips to Xi’an, Florence, Barcelona, Interlaken, Dublin, Prague, Amsterdam, London and Athens.

  • Alberto’s Global Story

    Alberto’s Global Story

    "A study abroad experience changes your mind. As a Spanish citizen living in Kent, I truly believe that every American student should have a study abroad experience,” said Alberto.