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An interdisciplinary team of Kent State University STEM professors has received a two-year, $300,000
Student Life
Kent State University’s first president, John McGilvrey, was a passionate innovator who was always looking for ways to improve the educational experience at Kent State.
Research & Science
Sometimes it just takes a small spark to ignite a fire within you. For Anna Mika of Parma, Ohio, who started as a geology major her freshman year at Kent State University and switched to anthropology the following year, that spark came in 2017 while taking an anthropology course called North America’s Ice Aged Hunters, taught by Metin I. Eren, Ph.D., associate professor and director of archaeology in the College of Arts and Sciences at Kent State. She said that course changed her perspective on everything.  
University News
Kent State University is excited to be a part of the Ohio College Comeback Compact, an innovative program to help students who left college with debt but without a degree to continue their education. Kent State is collaborating with seven public colleges and universities in Northeast Ohio to reach out to these students and provide a path back to higher education while reducing or eliminating their debt.
Arts & Culture
When he’s not working to keep the Kent Campus safe, police officer Vance Voyles can be found in the classroom where he works as an adjunct professor teaching Story for Film for the digital media production major in the School of Media and Journalism within the College of Communication and Information. 

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