Frequently Asked Questions About e-Inside or Story Submissions

E-Inside is no longer in use, and Kent State Today has emerged as the new way to highlight the most impactful news and stories about Kent State.

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Stories or Ideas

  • For larger news stories or ideas, you can now submit the URL link of your posted article to, and a team will review it.
  • If you have a story idea, but need help writing it, pitch the idea to the same email, and we’ll see if a writer is available to write it.

in the Media

  • If you or someone in your department was featured by the media, please also share those links with us as well. 

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The Division of Human Resources has started a new website and email called Faculty/Staff News Now, for news and events that are directly related to Kent State employees and their families.


Faculty/Staff News Now will consolidate Management Update and HR eNews, with announcements on important matters such as:

  • Benefits
  • Compensation
  • Training and development
  • Wellness
  • Compliance, engagement and outreach
  • Employee relations
  • ... and more!



Submit relevant news and information from your respective areas to Faculty/Staff News Now