And the New Top Name in Kent State’s Spring Class of 2024 Is …

A long-time frontrunner is knocked to third place by two trending names

The top trending name in Kent State’s Spring Class of 2024 is “Emma.” “Emma," with 66 graduates sharing that name,  leaves last spring’s frontrunner “Emily” tied with "Lauren" for second place with 55 graduates sharing those names. “Hannah” (53 graduates) and “Madison” (50) completed the list of top five traditionally female names.

Spring Commencement 2024


This May, Kent State welcomed about 5,200 new graduates into the university's alumni family. 


Athena Hill Spring Class of 2024
Managerial marketing major, Athena Hill (center)  was the sole "Athena" in Kent State's Spring Class of 2024. 


Last year’s top traditional male name among spring 2023 graduates, “Nicholas,” (including variants “Nickolas/Nickolus/Nikolaos” for a total of 48) remained as the top name in 2024, just ahead of “Matthew” (47 graduates). “Michael,” (42) “Joseph” (41) and “Jacob” (36) were the next three most frequently appearing male names on the list.


Top 10 Names of Kent State's Spring Class of 2024


Compared to National Trends

“Emma” in the lead is on-trend nationally, as the Social Security Administration (SSA) record of popular baby names shows that “Emily” was the top name from 1996-2007, until “Emma” took the lead in 2008. That lead was short-lived, however, as “Isabella” took over for 2009-2010, followed by “Sophia” from 2011-2013. In 2014, “Emma” regained the top spot and held it from 2014-2018, before being unseated by “Olivia,” which has reigned from 2019-2023.

Spring Commencement 2024


Kent State's top male names “Nicholas,” “Matthew” and even “Michael,” “Joseph,” and “Ryan” do not follow the trends on the Social Security Administration’s lists.

The name “Jacob” overtook “Michael” on the Social Security Administration’s list in 1999, after “Michael” held the number-one spot since 1954. “Jacob” had a great run from 1999 through 2012, when it was unseated by “Noah” from 2013-2016. In 2017, “Liam” topped the list and has held the top spot through 2023.

Lauren Klodt, Class of 2024
One of the "Laurens" in Kent State's Spring Class of 2024: Lauren Klodt, actuarial mathematics major.


Special thanks to Lisa O'Connell, director, University Events and Protocol, and Sarah McCarty, M.Ed., special events manager from Kent State University's Office of University Events & Protocol, for their assistance in preparing this story. 

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